This building use to be WHAT?!?!

Wanna hear something really cool? The building that our studio currently resides in has a really interesting and rich history in relation to the town of Manasquan. Keep reading to find out 1 really cool fact about our building!

Did you know that 10 South Street use to be a BOWLING ALLEY!?!? To be more specific- a Duckpin Bowling Alley! Say What? It's true! The building was built in 1884 and was a place friends and family would gather to play Duckpin Bowling. What is Duckpin Bowling? Also known as Candlepin Bowling, its similar to regular bowling with the exception of the size of the pins and the size of the ball being thrown. You also get 3 chances per frame vs just the 2 chances with regular bowling. This type of bowling is still popular and can be found in the New England area. (I play it every time I travel to see family on Cape Cod!)

Check out the photo below of what the studio USED to look like, before the center stairs and walls were put in place. This photo was originally published in The Coast Star, Manasquan local Newspaper.

Photo originally posted in The Coast Star

Pretty cool- right?! I love that the space today is still a spot for friends and even some family to get together and share a common interest and bond! Thank you to all of you who support us to provide that space to the young people of Manasquan and all the towns surrounding it!

Yours in Dance,

Miss Sheryl

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