From Shy to Thriving! Quinn's Story

I would love to introduce you to Quinn. She has been a student here at Ocean Dance Force for 2 years now. You would not BELIEVE the transformations this little dancer has made in this very short about of time! We reached out to her Mom recently to ask her to share Quinn's story with us. Check out her transformation below!!

1. What was Quinn like when she first started dancing at ODF?

When Quinn first started at ODF, she was super shy. She would not leave my side so I was forced to go in and be a part of the dance class! Even that sometimes was not enough. She would cry a lot and still have a hard time participating.

2.When did you notice the shift in confidence with in Quinn?

I really noticed a difference in Quinn about 3 months into the year. . She started to get more comfortable and I could slip out of the class and then eventually I did not need to be there at all. Now she gets excited to go, and I don't even realize that she has already run into class.

3.What else was Quinn able to accomplish with her new found confidence & ambition?

I feel like now that she has overcome her anxiety and is more confident in dance class, she is giving other new things a try. I also feel since she is happy and comfortable in dance class, it is helping her learn and develop as a better dancer.

4. Watching Quinn's Journey.... what are you MOST proud of? What has been the most fun?

Watching her journey, I am so proud that she is becoming more confident and trying new things. She can be a tough cookie sometimes so I am happy to see that she is coming out of her shell more!

Teaching Quinn has been so amazing- and watching her grow as a young person and a dancer has been a blessing! Thank you Quinn and family for trusting ODF and the dance process! <3

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