Just 5 WORDS??

October 17, 2017

I was recently asked to take 5 words and describe my studio while I was away at a Studio Owner Retreat.  "Just 5 words?" I thought. "This is going to be IMPOSSIBLE!" Well sure enough, our retreat leader took us through an exercise where she asked us all specific questions then had us narrow down to lead us to find those 5 words... and the magic in finding those words brought so much joy to all of us attendees! Wanna know what our 5 words are? Check them out below!




Positive  We are passionate about inspiring each student through creating a joyful & POSITIVE environment creating a life long passion and desire for the art of dance!


Inclusive Ocean Dance Force is passionate about INCLUDING each and every student through the learning process by creating a space that helps students & their families feel connected with us and each other. We believe each student should be held to the same basic standards regardless if they are on our performance team or dance one time a week.


Focused  We work hard to provide a class that is inspiring and motivating.  We want to help each student to reach for their highest dreams by engaging each word, interaction & teachable moment with how dedication and FOCUS can help them achieve their dreams.


Supported We are passionate about SUPPORTING each student as they explore, create, collaborate & expand their knowledge so they may reach their full potential as dancers and artists!


Ambitious  Helping each student feel confident so they can be AMBITIOUS enough to take on the toughest challenges they face, inside or outside of the studio brings us happiness! We love seeing our students try new things and experience life to the fullest!


What 5 words would you use to describe ODF? I wanna know in the comments below- share with me! 



Miss Sheryl

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