Back to Dance!

It has been 1 week since we came back to dance and it has been an amazing time so far. I feel like I have to really express my gratitude because the families at ODF are just so amazing, positive, happy and wonderful that they allow my faculty and I to share our love and passion for dance with the community. Your support is truly incredible and I am so in love with my job!

A newer trend in studios, and even Mom's in general, is to document the first week of classes or the first day of class with a cute sign and beautiful smiles! My mother, Jayne, who you see sitting at the desk on Wednesday afternoons was so kind to again make us an adorable sign! It was a big hit with the kids and parents alike- thanks Mom!

I thought it would be a great idea to compile all the pictures taken by my fellow staff and put them all together for you to see- I even included the silly photos for you to view too! Our students are so great and it is amazing to see all of our classes full of happy faces! (Seriously- this is a pinch me kinda job- we are all so lucky!)

Check them out below:

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