Helping the Hurricane Harvey Dance Families. Can you help too?

I really have been trying to find a way to help the victims effected by Hurricane Harvey. There are so many organizations out there like the American Red Cross to donate too, but I really wanted to make sure my donation made a difference in the world of a child. Specifically, the dance community. If dance is my world, then I wanted to make sure it could be the world for someone else too.

I reached out to a fellow studio director in Houston and I asked her what I could get for her, what could we send? What did they need? How could I help her dance families?

She shared her story with me. She opened her studio as a place for shelter and donation drop off. Her pictures of the amount of donations she received are astonishing! So much water, clothing, toiletries etc. She said many of the people in her area are good with donations.

There was 1 specific request she made. She wanted to make sure that the kids in her area were able to stay involved in their dance classes. She wanted to make sure that even though the families may have lost EVERYTHING to the flooding, that their parents would be eased in knowing that the tuition has been paid, and that the kids can BE KIDS while the adults focus on rebuilding. We all know how long of a process that can be, and what a relief to know that your child can sing, dance and act everyday at their favorite dance studio!

Did you know that if each family from ODF were to donate just $5.00 that it would be close to $800.00?!? How awesome would it be for us to provide that kind of value to a child's life!?!? The gift of dance is a very special one indeed and it would be so amazing to help them out! Click here to help.

I went live on the ODF facebook page to talk about my plans to help out check it out below!

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