A Day in Lincoln Center

Earlier this month the ODF Performance Company took a trip to NYC, as we were invited to perform with the Performing Arts Educators in David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center!!

It was such a magical day filled with team bonding on the bus, family meeting in the city and of course some amazing dances!!

The group got on the bus at 7:30 am the day of the show and were in dress rehearsal by 10:30 am in NYC. Watching how the union house of David Geffen Hall runs their rehearsal was really interesting as they run a very tight ship. The girls acted with such professionalism backstage and it was great to see them work on their choreography by themselves and with action. (The stage hands even took me aside to say how beautiful the dancers were! A super proud studio director moment!)

Miss Erin gave us her time this summer to choreograph the pieces performed the day of the show. We had 7 min and 30 seconds to showcase the dancers and we did a small portion of a piece I choreographed called "We Insist", and Miss Erin's choreography of "Happiest Girl in the World" and "Rainy Day". We cut the music in such a way where the girls transitioned from dance to dance seamlessly and without pause. The end result came out fantastic!

While there was a decent amount of wait time, the girls hung out together backstage, helped each other with hair and make-up. They also worked together to review choreography or to stretch or even took little cat naps.

Check out the photos below of their stage performance! We are so proud of the dancers and their DEDICATION, DETERMINATION & DESIRE!!

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