This is Why we Dance

HI GUYS! Sheryl here. I am the owner and artistic director of Ocean Dance Force.

I'm here at the studio today practicing for my CIZE LIVE class and getting ready for last minute rehearsal stuff and I really want to take a moment to connect with you guys and let you know about something that Ocean Dance Force stands for. And those are the "3 D's." What are they? They are Dedication, Determination and Desire.

Those are three really big words. They propelled me through my dance career. They really kind of stuck with me from a ballet teacher of mine from when I was younger who was actually the original owner of the dance studio when it was called Diane Fay Dance Theatre, Miss Diane Fay. I am not sure if she made it up herself or got it from one of her dance teachers. Either way, I wanted to talk to you guys about that today because I feel like it is something I stand for , something that the studio stands for and something that we really find to be pillars in our dance community and dance family here at Ocean Dance Force.

The first D is DEDICATION. What does dedication mean? I mean it's pretty obvious what dedication means but when it comes to the art of dance dedication is really important because it really means that you are truly committed to the art of dance. SO you are really truly showing up every day in class. Promising to yourself that you're going to work hard really focusing on your technique, and your ability to learn and grow, and find the time to be in class. When you really show up into class and really dig deep into your soul, your technique and into your work that's when ;you will see true progression and true advancement in your dancing.

So the next one I want to talk to you about is DETERMINATION. Determination is a really big component in the 3 d's at Ocean Dance Force. I can best describe it as climbing a mountain. In your dance training and in your dance education know when you are climbing up a mountain and your climbing and your climbing all of a sudden you might find your dancer or you might find yourself plateau. Not really improving, and not getting better, but not getting worse, but you find yourself really stagnant in your dancing and maybe you're frustrated because ;you really want to make sure that your improving year to year. You feel that you have that want to improve, and have that want and need to get better. So determination is what is going to get you through that plateau. And it is a natural thing for a dancer to plateau within their training. They are going to hit times in their life where nothing really happens and they are not really excelling. But it's still climbing that mountain and finding that edge of that plateau to where the mountain starts to peak again the technique starts to rise. Then you'll find after a while that BOOM , there it is! There is the improvement. There's that double or triple pirouette you have been working towards or your jumps are higher or your extensions are finally stronger. Or maybe your flexibility has improved. That is where the key foundation of determination is going to get you there - right working through the challenges, pushing through the challenges, that you face every day as a dancer. And it happens, and it's supposed to happen and it's supposed to be hard, but the joy is knowing that you stuck through it long enough and didn't give up. So you stuck with your determination long enough to realize I can do it, I can push through, I can get better, I can move forward with my dance education and my teachers and I worked together to gain this acceleration. Finally so excited, --finally. So dedication, showing up and actually digging deep in class and staying focused and maybe not socializing with your friends and working hard in class. DETERMINATION climbing that mountain you know when you reach that plateau, pushing through and maybe plowing through.

And the last one I want to talk to you about is DESIRE... and this one is HUGE because I think because without desire the other two D's don't matter. It doesn't matter if ;you do not have desire to dance. If you do not have the love, the want passion the fire inside of you to be a dancer and realize you're going to hit hardships, you're gonna hear, you're gonna hear no or you're gonna hear things you don't want to hear wither from your teachers or someone you are auditioning for or if you go off to school or off to college for dance you're gonna experience things that aren't so fun. BUT because you love it... you do it anyway, because you have such a love, a fire, a burning a passion for dance, it doesn't matter. You will still push through. So DESIRE is a really big one. It's super important and it's probably just the center of it all. The want, the need to dance knowing that having the want or need to succeed or push through that is what is going to help supply the energy for your dedication. Because dancers are known to be kind of crazy in a way that it is so hard on our bodies so tough on us mentally and it's so hard on us and consumes our time consumes our life yet we want to do it anyway... because we love it!!

So those are the 3 D's at Ocean Dance Force. I can honestly say , for myself if I did not have those 3 things , I would not be here today I would not be the owner and artistic director of ODF. I just wouldn't be. Because I would let the small set- backs and training in my career to take me away from my love and allow me to mentally check out..and physically not want to go to class...but when you really have the dedication, the determination the desire, in order to do all of that it makes everything so much better. I think it's huge when you watch our dancers here at ODF and I think with our recital here coming up June 10 & 11 at the Algonquin Theatre, I think if you come and watch them , from our little itty bitty ones all the way up to our teenagers and graduating seniors, I think you will see all three of those words, dedication determination and desire you will see that all executed within their dancing. We are so excited, the kids have been working so hard on the recital I think we are about 2 weeks away, which is so crazy and exciting, and OMG we have so much more work to do, we can't wait! I think you will see what those three words, mean to all of those kids and I can't wait to show everyone what we have been working on and how hard we have been working this because every year the studio gets stronger, the dancers get better, I think the shows get bigger and better as well. So I hope you can find some time to come on out to our recital or stop by the studio, take a trial class, (the trial class is always free) or check us out this summer there are some awesome intensives happening this July from 9am - 12pm, each week is dedicated to 2 different genres, and see in our hearts what the 3 D's mean to us. and how we as teachers as educators and we as students and dancers kind of bring those three words to life. If you have any questions for me I would love to answer them. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for reading, and I really appreciate you listening to me about what the 3 pillars of Ocean Dance Force are, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION & DESIRE and how they fit into this world of dance.

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