This past weekend our area was hit with a MAJOR snow storm. (Anyone else have cabin fever?) With at least 2 feet of snow, it gave the kids lots to play with.

So, we wanted to see the kids dancing and getting creative in the snow! We created the #odfsnowday contest last year, and this year we brought it back to see what they could come up with!!

There were a lot of creative cool videos of the kids! Some of them show casing fantastic technique, and some showcased their awesome personalities, while some showcased there clumsy side! (Ever notice your dancer stubs her toe or walks right into walls?!?)

Check out all the great videos here: https://www.facebook.com/OceanDanceForce/videos

Have something you want to share with us?! Make sure to use #odfsnowday and tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!!



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