Ocean Dance Force Goes to NYC!

This month, the Ocean Dance Force Performance Company went to NYC to take a master class with Micheal Mindlin, the dance supervisor (AKA Dance Captian) and swing for the Broadyway show- Aladdin!!

It was a special day- it started with our chartered bus ride to the city! The bus picked us up right in front of the studio. Door to door service! :)

The kids had a blast! The bus dropped us off at the Pearl Studios in Midtown NYC. There, we met with our tour guides, and our Master teacher, Micheal Mindlin. He was so nice. A fantastic teacher, who knew how to teach our wide age range, as he challenged our older girls all while not teaching over the heads of the younger students. That is something that is very hard to do and not just any teacher can accomplish!

Here he taught the kids a warm-up, a couple across the floor combinations, and then an actual dance from the show! They worked on a portion from the song "Friend Like Me" when some of the woman appear on stage from these tall gold columns. It was fast paced and high energy! The kids even did a show for their parents when they were done! It was so nice to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as we shared an amazing experience!

After the master class, we met with 2 other cast mates from the show and had a Q & A session with them. Everyone had great questions for them! Topics ranged from the magic that appears in the show, to warm up routines before the show starts, to how to get work in NYC. I thought it was very informative!

After the Q & A our tour guides provided us with lunch at the studio (the mac & cheese was amazing!). Then we walked over to the theatre and watched the show! How amazing that show is- and the cast and crew work so hard on making it an amazing experience for everyone who comes to see! BRAVO!

Then it was back on the bus, home to Manasquan NJ!

Check out this short video of all the pictures from the class and Q & A session!

You can follow Micheal and his journey in NYC here: @Mindlin_choreo

Follow Ocean Dance Force here:

Twitter and Instagram: @oceandanceforce

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oceandanceforce

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