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Top 10 Reasons to Dance!

Top 10 Reasons To Dance

There are so many great reasons why you should dance, from friendships made to new skills learned, we found it hard to narrow them down, but here are Ocean Dance Force’s top 10 reasons we think you should start dancing!


1. Improved health

Dance offers numerous health benefits including building strength and endurance, better muscle control and coordination, strengthening your heart and posture, and increasing your flexibility and overall strength.

2. Academic Benefits 


Dancers use the left and right side of the brain together to compose and execute their own routines. Creating these dances helps build their verbal and written skill set as well as helps them with grammar and composition. Additionally, dancers have a better grasp of foreign languages as ballet terminology is written in French.


3. Emotional well-being

Dancing is not only fun, but it’s all-consuming and focuses on coordinating your legs, arms, body and head at all times, meaning that you simply won’t be able to think about any other of life’s worries. Enjoying yourself and forgetting your cares is a great stress reliever and the perfect antidote to a tough day.

4. Intellectual Growth

Dancing not only helps your physical body but can also promote brain development and increase learning skill sets. Dancers rely heavily on patterns, calculations, goal setting and problem solving. Using these skills often has been shown to increase overall academic performance.

5. Self confidence boost

As your body, balance and posture improve, so too will your self-esteem. When you first start to learn to dance it may seem impossible, but as you begin to master the new skill, you’ll feel your confidence soar. Before long, the isolated steps you learn will turn into routines and the sense of accomplishment will give you further impetus to tackle increasingly complex choreography.

6. Social Skills

Dancing is a great way to build up your social skills both professionally and personally. Dancers have to work together and communicate effectively to get their routines down. Not only are their communication skills strong, they also learn how to cooperate with others and develop social fundamentals that they use in other aspects of their lives.

7. Medical Benefits


The other medical benefits that dancers get to enjoy are stronger bones and a substantial decrease in blood pressure. Due to their weight management they have lower cholesterol and more defined muscles and muscle tone. All of this gives them significantly reduced risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.


8. Explore cultures

There are many types of dance styles. Learning a new style can offer new insights to other cultures and their history. It reinforces that learning dance is more than just grasping the footwork – you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of your chosen dance and understand more about the roots of each style.

9. Lower Stress

Although dance can be challenging, it’s also fun and a great way to de-stress. A stronger body and mind with the addition of achieving goals aids in reducing stress and feeling happier and more fulfilled. It doesn’t get better than that!

10. Artistic Expression and Growth


Dancing is a great way to express your artistic side without picking up a paintbrush or glue gun. Dancers use their creative expression and artistry to create their own dance routines and choreography. This fosters creative growth and helps build their imagination and self-confidence.



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